10 Unusual foods from around the world

You have tested different types of foods and desserts but have you ever tested these foods
Today we are gonna sharing 10 Unusual foods from the around world

1. Snake wine – Vietnam

The Vietnamese snake wine is simply the reptile-infused rice wine.

2. Boiled Sheep Head – South Africa

Boiled sheep head is enjoyed in many countries around the world, including Iceland, Iraq, Kazakhstan and South Africa. (Pictured) A market stall in Cape Town sells 200 heads a day.

3. Fried Tarantulas – Cambodia

A favorite in Cambodia, this eight-legged bite-sized snack can be eaten whole or without the legs.

4. Sannakji – Korea

A traditional Korean dish, sannakji is live octopus served whole – tentacles and all.

5. Tong Zi Dan or Boy Eggs – China

In China, eggs that are boiled in young virgin boys’ urine for a day make for a special dish known as tong zi dan or boys’ eggs and are mostly found in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province.

6. Donkey Penis – China

The Chinese believe that by consuming a donkey’s penis, their libido will increase. It is also said to be good for the skin.

7. Crocodile Meat – Australia & south east Asia

Many describe the taste of croc meat as that of chicken and crab. It is considered a very good source of protein and is low on cholesterol compared to other types of meat.

8. Beef Brain– Europe, US, Asia

Beef brain feature in many cuisines around the world, including Europe, Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan and the U.S., where they’re often mixed with scrambled eggs and eaten for breakfast.

9. Tuna Eyes – Japan

In Japan, fried tuna fish eyes are enjoyed with plenty of garlic and soy sauce.

10. Insects – Thailand

People in Thailand love to snack on bugs of all kinds such as grasshoppers and crickets, which are usually deep fried.

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